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Date Location
March 14th 2015 Redhill, Harlequin Theatre
Data March 15th 2015 Data Cromer, Pavilion Theatre
March 18th 2015 Brecon, Theatre Brycheiniog
March 19th 2015 Aberdare, The Coliseum
March 20th 2015 Weymouth, Pavilion Theatre
March 21st 2015 Camberley Theatre
March 22nd 2015 Tamworth,Palace Theatre
March 23rd 2015 Swindon, Wyvern Theatre
March 25th 2015 High Wycombe, Wycombe Swan
March 26th 2015 Porthcawl, Grand Pavilion
March 27th 2015 Worthing, Pavilion Theatre
March 29th 2015 Harlow, Playhouse Theatre
March 31st 2015 Potters Barr
April 2nd 2015 Skegness, Embassy Centre
April 4th 2015 Eastbourne
April 5th 2015 Isle-of-Wight, Ventnor Winter Gardens
April 7th 2015 Solihull, Arts Centre
April 8th 2015 Wakefield, Theatre Royal
April 10th 2015 New Brighton, Floral Pavilion Theatre
April 11th 2015 Darlington, Civic Theatre
April 12th 2015 South Shields, Customs House
April 14th 2015 Aberdeen, Music Hall
April 15th 2015 Falkirk, Town Hall
April 16th 2015 Ayr, Gaiety Theatre
April 17th 2015 Colne, Municipal Hall
April 18th 2015 Crewe, Lyceum Theatre
April 19th 2015 Retford, Majestic Theatree
April 22ndth 2015 Dorking Halls
April 23rd 2015 Richmond Theatre
April 24th 2015 Chatham, Central Theatre
April 25th 2015 Peterborough, Cresset Theatre
April 26th 2015 Lowestoft, Marina Theatre
April 29th 2015 Wimbledon Theatre
April 30th 2015 Grays, Thameside Theatre
April 28th 2015 Margate
May 1st 2015 Basingstoke, Anvil Theatre
May 2nd 2015 Lichfield, Garrick Theatre
May 3rd 2015 Bromley Theatre
May 6th 2015 Redditch, Palace Theatre
May 7th 2015 Stevenage, Gordon Craig Theatre
May 8th 2015 Malvern, Festival Theatre
May 9th 2015 Hayes, Beck Theatre
May 10th 2015 Fareham, Ferneham Hall
May 12th 2015 Tewkwsbury, Roses Theatre
May 13th 2015 Torquay, Princess Theatre
May 14th 2015 Barnstable, Queens Theatre
May 15th 2015 Redruth, Regal Theatre & Cinema
May 16th 2015 Weston-super-Mare, Playhouse Theatre
May 17th 2015 Yeovil, Octagon Theatre
May 20th 2015 Arbroath, Webster Theatre
May 21st 2015 Glenrothes, Rothes Hall
May22nd 2015 Airdrie, John Wilson Town Hall
May 23rd 2015 St Helens, Theatre Royal
May 27th 2015 Tunbridge Wells Assembly Hall Theatre
May 28th 2015 Hunstanton, Princess Theatree
May 29th 2015 Clacton, Princes Theatre
May 30th 2015 Horsham, The Capitol
May 31st 2015 Chesham, The Elgiva
June 1st 2015 Woking Theatre
June 3rd 2015 Barrow, The Forum
June 4th 2015 Stockport Plaza
June 5th 2015 Rhyl, Pavilion Theatre
June 6th 2015 Shrewsbury, Theatre Severn
June 7th 2015 Leeds, Grand Theatre & Opera House
June 8th 2015 Leeds, Grand Theatre & Opera House
June 9th 2015 Rotherham, Civic Theatre
June 10th 2015 Bournemouth, Pavilion Theatre
June 11th 2015 Hastings, White Rock Theatre
June 12th 2015 Mansfield, Palace Theatre
June 13th 2015 Dunstable, The Grove
June 14th 2015 Watford, The Colosseum
June 17th 2015 Swansea, Grand Theatre
June 18th 2015 Cannock,Prince of Wales Centre
June 19th 2015 Hull, New Theatre
June 20th 2015 Lytham St Annes, Lowther Pavilion
June 21st 2015 Bridlington, Spa Royal Hall & Theatre

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Another stunning bit of choreography by Pasha this week. Our man never seems to run out of ideas and Caroline is doing so well. I was a bit worried for a Rumba in week 3 but ha! I didn’t need to be!

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Pasha posted today that another date has been confirmed for his show and you can book tickets. You can see the date here.

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Our fantastic Pasha announced today that the first of his tour dates are on sale. He also announced a new website coming soon, along with the rest of the dates.

Check here for the first dates, we will bring you more as we get them!

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This is bt Natasha Devon SOURCE

Last year I was approached by a publisher, who asked if I’d consider co-authoring the autobiography of Strictly Come Dancing’s Pasha Kovalev. I agreed to a meeting, mainly because they told me that Pasha spent his childhood in Siberia during the last vestiges of the Communist regime and, having Russian ancestry myself, I wanted to know what that would have been like.

Having only watched Strictly sporadically at that point, I knew only that the programme had something to do with celebrities, sequins and live studio audiences clapping in time to music. I had imagined Pasha might enter my flat with a melodramatic swoosh, cha-cha-cha-ing round the gaff with his extensive entourage whilst demanding I furnish him with six fluffy kittens dipped in glitter.

As it turned out, he was (and remains to this day) the least “celebby” celeb I have ever encountered. He caught the Tube to visit me, armed with two bottles of cloudy apple juice (having learned that is my favourite drink) and removed his shoes at the door. His manners are impeccable.

Having exchanged pleasantries and established that we were comfortable in each other’s company, he flopped into one of my armchairs and told me in his distinctive Russian-mixed-with-transatlantic lilt that he was very tired. He’d spent the day lifting a partially incapacitated Miranda Hart (she was on crutches following a knee injury) for “that thing you have in Britain where you put on plastic noses for fun” (Comic Relief).

And that was when I realised we’d always be friends. Over the next three months, as we wove together his life story, it would be remiss of me to suggest that I did not completely fall in love with Pasha. Not in a way that should unduly concern my boyfriend, you understand. More in the way one does when one is in the presence of someone truly authentic, interesting and therefore inspiring. On more than one occasion I found myself actually gazing at him, the way black-and-white film characters do when they’re experiencing a mixture of lust and whimsy.

As a star of one of the campest productions on prime-time television, whose name is most often Googled alongside the word “gay” followed by a question mark, Pasha might seem like an unlikely heartthrob. Yet shadowing him as he toured the country with off-screen dance partner Katya Virshilas, it soon became apparent that I was far from the only woman to have a radar for his unique charm. Female audience members scream and swoon whenever he appears on stage, in a way you’d traditionally associate with male strippers, or at the very least Tom Jones. The boot of his car is rammed with gifts from female admirers.

Pasha showed me a completely different and thoroughly refreshing brand of masculinity. He is the soul of an old-fashioned gent housed in the body of a man who isn’t afraid to wear stage garb comprising of bold-hued shirts slashed to the navel and lashings of eyeliner.

Here are five things Pasha taught me about his way of being a man (and human):

1. Strength isn’t necessarily denoted by massive muscles.

Considering they do such a good job of making it look like fun, you’d be surprised how hardcore professional ballroom training is. When touring, Pasha trains for an average of ten hours per day. TEN. HOURS. PER. DAY. Not only that, he’s shimmied and shaken his way through the sorts of injuries that made my eyes water just hearing about them without so much as a tell-tale grimace.

Pasha might appear slight-of-build to the naked eye, but he’s comprised entirely of impressively disproportionate core-strength. This means he can lift women in the air (of pretty-much any size, as demonstrated by the time I asked if he could lift almost six foot of me) in the way Patrick Swayze lifts Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. And if the movie ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ taught us anything, it’s that chicks REALLY dig that.

2. Showing emotion is desirable.

A big part of Pasha’s appeal is the way he balances strength and sensitivity. Dances convey a story, most often one centring around romance. It would be impossible to communicate those feelings through movement unless you were in touch with them. Don’t misunderstand, he doesn’t start wailing and gnashing his teeth if someone forgets to add an extra shot to his latte. He is simply a connoisseur of human behaviour. Which is, needless to say, very sexy.

3. Real men are secure enough to let women take the spotlight sometimes.

In ballroom, the female partner is the painting and the male partner is the frame. Our eyes are drawn to the female because she is often twirling about copiously, feathers flying in every direction to reveal a beguiling glimpse of pant. Yet when you see Pasha pluck a random girl from the audience during his live tour and proceed to guide her in a way that makes her look AWESOME (even though in reality she’s invariably doing the two-step slightly drunkenly like an elderly aunt at a wedding) you realise that his job is to use his talent to showcase his partners’ talent. And he is cool with that.

4. It’s all in the details.

Everyone who knows Pasha gushes about his propensity for remembering names and details about people and using this information to propagate thoughtful niceties (the arriving-bearing-apple-juice incident being just one example). When Kimberley Walsh, Pasha’s celebrity dance partner during his second series as part of the cast of Strictly (and arguably one of the sexiest women in Britain) was preparing the foreword for his book, she told me it was one of the things she appreciated most about him.

5. Be yourself (even when that involves contradicting yourself).

Pasha is paradoxical in many ways. He decided he wanted to be a dancer aged seven, because he saw a ballroom show at his local arts centre and noticed that there were lots of pretty girls in skimpy costumes. Despite this, I’ve never known him be remotely sleazy or disrespectful. He’s pursued his ambition to dance professionally with a dogged, steely determination, yet his central philosophy is a dedication to flexibility in the face of obstacles and a laid-back, instinct-led approach to decision-making. He’s really Russian, really American and a little bit British all at the same time. He’s a compassionate soul yet completely allergic to being told what do to.

In short, he isn’t afraid to be himself.

I’ll leave the final thought to the man himself, in words lifted from his book:

“I look at the way being a man is defined in today’s society and it seems to me so superficial and showy. Men think that they need to go to the gym, build these huge muscles and scream about how macho they are in order to be considered a man but that doesn’t prove anything at all.”

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While due to some fur baby trouble (Diva dog is on the mend!) are are a little bit behind in announcing but not in video ;) Let’s say a big Simply Pasha CAN’T WAIT for Caroline and Pasha together on the dance floor.

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Posted today by the man himself.

Exciting Announcement – I will be touring The UK from March next year in


The full Tour Schedule will be announced very soon!

“In this amazing new show starring Pasha and his sensational dancers, the audience will be transported into the world of Ballroom and Latin Dance with all it’s glitter and sequence.

‘Life Through Dance’ is a non-stop action and sparkles packed journey through life and love, expressed by the language of dance. The production will feature breathtaking choreography, sensational music and amazing costumes.
It will be a fun and exciting adventure for the entire family during which there will even be the opportunity to participate and experience ‘live on stage’ the favourite dance styles as seen on TV, leaving the audience supercharged with positive energy and emotion!

I hope to see you all around the UK – thanks again for all your support

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See our lovely Pasha & Anya choreograph a stunning and fun Happy Jive for the happy couple on SYTYCD :D

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